Commercial Data Operations

The Pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial landscape is rapidly changing. Drug manufacturers and business partners have responded by building and deploying innovative tools and strategies to leverage that data across their organizations with the goal of reaching peak year sales faster.

  • Fipsar specializes in the aggregation of specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor, and patient services data and providing our customers with insights that drive distribution success.
  • Commercially-off-the-shelf data model and processes that deliver exceptional data quality and actionable insights in the shortest possible time.
  • Configurable data adaptors to accelerate the implementation of specialty pharmacy data
  • Robust quality assurance, exception reporting, and restatement processes that ensure the highest quality data.
  • Support for platform AWS, BI tools (e.g., Tableau, Qlik, Power BI), Snowflake, Databricks and Google Gemini

Pharma Intelligence

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have experienced unbounded growth of data across all facets of business. FIPSAR offers proven analytical frameworks to simplify the analysis of market share and formulary data to accelerate the generation of insights guided by ML/AI, so analyst and business teams can make better data-driven decisions in areas such as market access, payer analytics, and commercial effectiveness.

  • Analyze buying tendencies and prescription trends at newfound speed and ease with AI-powered analytics.
  • Blend prescription data from multiple industry sources, so brands can analyze specialty areas, medical conditions, and patient demographics for which drugs are most widely prescribed.
  • Automated analysis powered by machine learning.

Customer MDM

MDM is built for life sciences, harmonizing enterprise data with a multi domain approach. To better understand your customer and achieve orchestrated outcomes, life science organizations require a complete view of data – understanding the relationships and interactions to enable insights across the connected ecosystem. Fipsar Master Data Management provides:

  • Intuitive self-service User Interface
  • Multi-domain enterprise data
  • Single source of truth
  • Reduce data duplication and improve efficiencies.


CRM in pharma is a centralized place for managing all the drug manufacturers’ data through web, mobile, email, social media, and other communication channels. With Pharma CRM, you can promote the development of your newest medication(s) and treatments, organize your work staff for optimal productivity, and track how much you spend to ensure regulatory compliance.

CRM functionality usually consists of:

  • Contacts management
  • Lead tracking
  • Opportunity management
  • Dashboard and charts
  • Email processing
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Other strategic functions