FIPSAR empowers you to meet your staffing demands. We assure you the availability of the resources with the right skills and experience to meet your technical and business requirements. Our candidates supply a rich, diverse knowledge of technology & business experience and are ready to adapt to any working environment.

Obtaining high skilled software professionals who can deliver quality application development and management with minimal training under the company's is a challenge facing businesses around the world. Staff augmentation will help you manage projects by deploying temporary high skilled workforce. This leads to better staff management implying enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Through staff augmentation, companies can focus more on their projects instead of wasting time and money on non-core tasks. This helps companies in staying within their budget and also avoids additional expenses of hiring employees. This also helps in completion of projects within defined period.

FIPSAR caters

It is our proven ability to attract and retain the most talented consultants in the industry. FIPSAR is being regarded as a top supplier of IT resources. Our associates work closely with employers and job seekers, place professionals with career opportunities in the following industries.

We have efficient recruiting team with excellent IT knowledge/experience capable of screening the candidates technically and matching with our client’s requirements.