Are you looking to gain insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other Big Data sources? … And review analytics from this streaming information in real-time dashboards?
Our award-winning Big Data consulting team can help :

Fipsar Inc has Big Data Analytics consulting service that helps our clients better understand their customers, brand, and competition by integrating data, process, and technologies. Today, we live in a brave new world of the connected consumer. Touch-points and channels of communication for a consumer transcend the traditional call center model involving human interaction. Multiple factors driving this trend include social media, smart phones, peer networks, forums, reviews, and more. In this vast ocean of data, there are nuggets of gold that your enterprise marketing, research, sales, and competitive intelligence teams can tap into and use to your benefit.

Analytics from Social Media integration will help you:

we help your enterprise integrate Social Media Analytics with an effective roadmap to achieve success. The strategy portions of our Fipsar Framework will enable you to build a business case toward integrating Social Media, determining the channels to leverage, then identifying and integrating the most effective business value drivers. Recent advances in technology such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and Data Virtualization have created a strong technology platform to tackle these vast amounts of disparate data. The issue is more of complexities and vagaries of data as opposed to the technology to assimilate and analyze it. Fipsar provides the clarity on how to work with this aggregate search data to build a viable solution, and then leverage that solution to your advantage.

Our framework will integrate the platform with the data foundation, bringing together and incorporating the following business processes into your operations – not just analyzing them:

Big Data Analytics

Scale Your Data Warehouse Technology with Fipsar Big Data Analytics and Consulting Services

Big data analytics presents new opportunities for organizations across all industries. Having the ability to analyze big data is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses of all kinds. The proliferation of social networking, consumer data technology and systematic data-gathering resources means businesses now have masses of data at their disposal. This data, when handled properly, can help drive smart business decisions.

Based on your requirements, Fipsar big data analytics consulting team will determine the right technologies and vendors to unlock the value of your data – providing a path for unmatched growth.

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